Max Overhead Squat Benchmark

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Single rep max overhead squat


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Result Type: Load |  Average: 189 lbs |  Record: 308 lbs held by <a href="/profiles/10808">Orlando Trejo</a>
Taken 63 times by:
RankName ResultDate Taken
1Orlando TrejoModified 308 lbs12/27/2011
2Adam MesanovicRXed 286 lbs11/25/2011
3Justin AllenRXed 285 lbs12/16/2011
4Juan SantiagoRXed 280 lbs01/13/2012
5Brandon MericleModified 275 lbs01/08/2012
6Phil CressRXed 275 lbs12/09/0011
7Ryan MoodyRXed 265 lbs12/01/2011
8Andrew EssigRXed 265 lbs01/04/2012
9Jerry KellyRXed 265 lbs12/31/2011
10Nate ClementsRXed 265 lbs12/13/2011
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