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This workout was the WODClub Open WOD 1 time on 12/31/2011

10 Min AMRAP Every Rep Counts
Buy in:
50 KB swings

Then do rounds of:
5 Chest to Bar Pull Ups (Masters Standard Pull Ups)
10 Hand Release Push Ups
15 Front Squats

KB Swings... the bell does NOT have to reach 100% perpendicular, not like at the regionals... we felt like that was a rule that was too hard to judge. Your hands, shoulders, hips must all be stacked above your feet. Your ears must be through your arms.

Butterfly or Kipping Pullups are allowed as long as you do chest to bar. Masters divisions do NOT do chest to bar, but rather standard chin over bar.

During the Hand Release Pushups... put your feet onto a 45# or 20 KG (3-4 inches) plate to keep your thighs of the ground. The intent is to reduce/eliminate worming and the kipping pushups. Your chest can rest on the ground, as its a hand release, but your thighs knees and legs can not touch the ground.

Filming of the KB, pushes ups and front squats should be on the profile (from the side) so we can see the full range of motion. You should also be able to position the camera so we can see the chest to bars are met.

Full depth on the front squats, crease of the hips below the knees.

The front squats bar must start on the ground, and not a rack. But the first squat from the ground can be a squat clean.

Total score is the sum of all reps including the KB Swings

Weights: KB All Men 53# (24kg) , All Women 35#(16kg). Front Squat, Men 115#(52kg), Women 75#(34kg), Masters Men 95#(43kg), Masters Women 65#(30kg)


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Result Type: Score |  Average: 174  |  Record: 275 held by <a href="/profiles/10706">Josh Bridges</a>
Taken 644 times by:
RankName ResultDate Taken
1Josh BridgesModified 275 01/07/2012
2Irving HernandezRXed 260 01/07/2012
3Ronnie TeasdaleRXed 259 01/07/2012
4Andrea AgerRXed 255 01/07/2012
5Jarett PerelmutterRXed 253 01/07/2012
6Ryan FischerModified 253 01/03/2012
7Cheryl NassoRXed 251 01/07/2012
8Brandon MericleRXed 250 01/07/2012
9Dan HollingsworthRXed 247 01/06/2012
10Tiffany HendricksonModified 245 01/05/2012

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On the results page it shows my workout as RXed but on the workout page I'm not listed. Is there a reason?
I signed up for the wrong division. How do I change it?
i see my score on this chart but not on the "results" page?
Rachel...I certainly will, as it is a rare thing. :-) Good luck to all the athletes competing.
Mike. I miscounted my reps. I just posted the correct score with no video. Not going to win so it's fine, right?
I say take advantage of the master's handicap! Good luck everyone!
I am laughing, and yes out loud, as this is honestly the first time in my life I feel old. At 41, I am classified as a Masters. Thanks for giving us old guys a break on the C2B pull-ups and Front Squat weight. ;-) Good luck to everyone.
It looks like you have not yet taken this workout.