The WODHub Open presented by PROGENEX - Your chance to test yourself against the best in the WORLD in an online CF Games Open style event, and if you're one of the best, you could walk home with part of the $3,000+ cash prize list.

The WODClub Open, beginning January 7th 2013 will be a three week, three workout competition. We will release a new workout every week and athletes will compete against others in our online competition.

And the winners are...

Mike Porter
It is a wrap! The 2012 WODClub Open was a huge success! I want to thank you all for giving it your best and making this contest really fun! Here are the winners:

Mens overall winners:
1st Jarett Perlmutter - $500
2nd Ryan Fisher - $250
3rd Ronnie Teasdale - $125
4th Nate Schrader - $75
5th Chase Daniels - $50

Womens overall winners:
1st Andrea Ager - $500
2nd Cheryl Nasso - $250
3rd Melissa Dinsmore - $125
4th Ashleigh Moe - $75
5th Christine Watts - $50

Mens Masters overall winners:
1st Jerry Kelly $100
2nd Jason Fine $50
3rd Dan Hollingsworth $25

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Awesome competition ! fun WODS and extremely challenging. Congratulations to the winner and all the competitors !
Very well put together. Thank you and congratulations to everyone that competed.
I came in last out of all masters who "finished" all three workouts. Do I get a prize? haha. Most likely to improve? ha! Great job everyone.
Congratulations to all the athletes! I've enjoyed watching and learning from the uploaded videos. What a great comp... and it went off without a hitch. Mike, you must be a master programmer! So many video uploads and variables to consider. Nice job on the WCOpen.
That was really fun and motivating! Thank you! Congratulations to the winners. You are all very inspiring.

Final Results Announcement

Mike Porter

We will be announcing final results late Monday night (1/23).  We have reviewed all the workouts and notified athletes where there is an issue with the score.  Additionally, we will be adding a filter to exclude workouts without videos from the scoring.  It has always been stated that only workouts with scores will count, and so we will be making it easier for you to see only scores that count.

Thanks Mike!!!! Fun workouts!
Thank Mike.. Hope to do it again..
Loved the event, Thanks. But I noticed on My score you only have 2 events finished. What happened. I thought my video went in. Can you contact me about this. Not going to win but would like to see my ranking.
Great event! Really enjoyed watching everyones effort and technique, learned a lot through the process.
Mike thanks for a great event!

Week 2 Results Final

Mike Porter

We have reviewed all the workouts and made adjustments where appropriate based on missed reps, bad math, or incorrect barbel weights. Of particular note, the womens bars are 33#, we adjusted a few womens scores that are in the top 15 that were using 33# bars and thought they were 35# bars.

So, to the winners.

Men Nate Schrader, He will win $100 complements of WODClub!

Women, Melissa Dinsmore  will win $100 complements of WODClub!

Masters Men, Matt Horgan will win $50 complements of Simple Pure Nutrients

Masters Women Shelly Bucholz will win $50 complements of SContinue Reading
Congrats Shelley!
Mike, thanks so much for putting this together! Obviously a ton of work for you to provide a lot of fun for us. Watching the videos of so many amazing "ordinary" people had the unexpected benefit of teaching me what I could have done differently or better. So, thanks again to you AND to all the other competitors!! Well done.
Christine, I will fix that and adjust your score to the original. I am skiing today, so expect that change tomorrow.
I didn't even use a womens bar and my score still got deducted. Oh well, it's been fun no matter what the outcome!
Jessica, thanks for the great positive feedback! Its been a blast putting this on. I will make the women bar more clear in the future. Its a serious problem, and I believe that CF HQ has also had this problem during last years open.

Workout 3 - The WODClub Open Chipper

Mike Porter

The WODClub Open Chipper... get the work done in classic chipper fassion.  Please watch the Movement Standards Video

You guys have been doing great! Please keep up the high quality reps and high level of enthusiasm!

Where do I go to find out if I got reps tooken away or didn't use the right weight?
Just did the chipper. I'm happy to have completed all 3 wods as a Masters lady. Even though this type of competition is something outside my comfort zone, I have enjoyed it - what a way to ring in the new year! Thanks, Mike, for the great programming!
Rodney...NO your correct with the deadlines. You have NOT missed out! Yes... last day for the workout submission is Saturday the 21st, with videos due Sunday the 22nd! You are good to go brother!
Did I miss the deadline on the Chipper? I just assumed that we had from 01/15/12 thru 01/21/12 to complete the workout like the previous two workouts. If so, several other competitors missed the deadline as well because not very many scores have been posted.
thanks Mike. I watched a few masters videos yesterday to see what it was. I noticed one guy didnt follow your no anchor standard and had his feet under dumbbells. I have never done a situp like this so I welcome the challenge. Thanks for being responsive

Workout 2 Schedule

Mike Porter

Another amazing week! You guys have been killing it! I have seen many of you trying and beating your old times, good job!

To review the schedule, you have till tonight 12PM(Pacific Time) to enter in your scores for Workout 2(you can enter your score here). You have till Noon tomorrow(Sunday 1/15) to get your video uploaded.

We will be launching the workout 3 details late in the PM tonight (Sat.) and they will be available to you by tomorrow morning.


Link to youtube vid of Bear Trap! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tR53sVB3ZJI&context=C39bda56ADOEgsToPDskKXE-kQSwcHO050A9iz5y4C
I uploaded my Beartrap vid 2 times before the cut off time. I see it in my stats but in results it says No video yet. Hope you can still count me in since your site has my vid. Thanks!!!
am trying to upload my video but it says workout is closed, i already entered my score yesterday but it wont let me upload video. please help!
I agree with Kris but for different reasons. I think you do need a video to check for standards of the movements but in my case and I am sure in others a video exists but i cannot upload it to the site. I have included the youtube link in my comments so if it has to be reviewed it can be. I have tried multiple times to upload this video. Now cant do it because there is no upload link under my name in the results section to do that. I should not be penalized because the technology is failing me here.
I have seen several people plead to get those of us without a video removed from the standings. Please do not do this as it was the impression that we only needed to videotape our workouts if we wanted to be considered to win cash prizes. It would be unfair to remove us this late in the competition especially when it was specifically stated that we did not need to videotape to be a part of this fun competition..

Athletes Choice Awards

Mike Porter

There is another $200 up for grabs from the first weeks workout video submissions.   We have built a new feature that will let everybodies peers decide who should get the money. Go over to the new Athletes Choice Awards sub-tab under workouts and vote for the male and female videos that you feel sparked something in you.  I selected these videos from all divisions, based on videos i thought were really rad, but from here on out... Its up to you! You can only vote once, but get your friends involved and you could win $100!

Simply Pure Nutrients Spreading the Love

Mike Porter
John Jaramillo of Simply Pure Nutrients has stepped up to the plate again, and is offering more cash money for this weeks Masters, and Military Heros divisions.

Simply Pure Nutrients will be kicking in $50 for the winners of each of the Masters Men, Masters Women and Military Heros division. Additionally, Simply Pure Nutrients is going to kick in $50 for the overall Military Hero winner!

John is a 50 year old active CrossFitter masters athlete and is also a 20 year military veteran and he wants to make the divisions he is most passionate about something more to competeContinue Reading
Made a couple comments in passing about "masters" being 2nd class but I guess it is just about who you know! Thanks John for stepping up and giving us kudos! Appreciate all you do, including designing awesome products such as Pro3 and Elite Athlete Recovery! I take both and love them! You asked what I (we - athletes) are looking for and you went out and made it! Thanks for all you do!
Simply Pure Nutrient's fish oil is the highest quality stuff out there. Its straight pure omega-3. Thanks for your contribution John!

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