The WODClub Open is an online competition that will span three workouts done over three weeks similar to the CrossFit Open. Our workouts will be accessible to all, but will naturally scale such that the stronger, faster, healthier athlete will still rise to the top!

The competition will run three consecutive weeks starting January 1st 2012, and finishing midnight January 21st 2012.  Each week we will release a new workout on Sunday(AM) on our site.  All competing athletes will have till the following Saturday at Midnight(Pacific Time) to submit their results.

We want everybody to have the opportunity to compete and measure their results against the entire CrossFit community.  Everybody can compete without following the strict submission guideliines (video, judging), but if you want to consider your workouts RXed and get a chance at the schwag you must follow the judging rules(submit a video)